Spa Treatments

Metta Herbal Wrap

My herbal wrap is a perfect detoxifier. You will be wrapped in my special seasonal herbal infused linens as your head and neck are massaged. It’s a very detoxifying treatment–especially great if you’re changing some bad habits.

  •  Metta Herbal Wrap – 50 minutes $70  (w/ Massage $60)


Radiant Body Salt Glow

My Radiant Body Salt Glow combines organic  ingredients like honey, agave nectar, coconut oil, and natural sea salts. While you are draped I will exfoliate your entire body with the warmed scrub revealing a fresh layer of skin. You have a private shower for rinsing.

  •  Radiant Body Salt Glow – 50 minutes $70  (w/ Massage $60)

Calendula Clay Mask

This calendula & clay mask is made by me using organic calendula flower petals and bentonite clay. It it soothing for your face, back or any area of troubled skin.

  • Calendula Clay Mask – $25 (w/ Massage $20)